About us

Hi and welcome to KT International! We are so excited that you are visiting our website! It is for our benefit to guarantee you the best service.

Since those fateful early days, our company has evolved into an expansive and diverse multi-channel retailer that sells a variety of quality products to different customers. Our products are primarily sold through our website and other online channels while our dedicated sales staff takes excellent care of our commercial customers in search of high class clothing, shoes, bags and many more.


We have over 200 freelancer designers that freely expresses their opinion towards the latest art and design on clothing. They normally spend several months to customize 2-4 type of clothing for customers. The customized clothes are forwarded to companies for production. The produced clothes are usually booked 2 months earlier before production. Many of the styles will be unique for a few thousands across the countries. Our company have direct cooperation with these associated designer groups, obtain the access to sell their released clothing through our website, today's marekt is more and more going to be like that, customized and unique design service. These service providers earn good salaries from their smart skils and ideas. We believe also, for this reason, our company can have a strong growth together with them in the future.


The main priority for us at KT International is to provide the best shopping experience possible for all of our amazing customers. We strive to provide amazing service and an even better experience each and every time someone visits and shops on our website.


If you’re into attractive, colorful, and fashionable items of clothing and accessories then you are definitely in the right place. We only have items that are of the best design and highest quality at KT International and we are sure that you will absolutely love every piece you purchase through our website. Our inventory is constantly supplied with the latest and greatest items that you see in magazines and walking down runways all over the world.

We are always on top of the latest trends and know what all of the hottest celebrities are wearing. To achieve the highest amount of customer satisfaction possible, we provide our exquisite inventory, ensure that the fastest possible delivery occurs, and include customer service that is always there when you need us. Have a question about a specific product? Please contact us! We have KT International experts waiting to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need before you purchase the product. In minutes, through shopping with KT International, you will become a more attractive, colorful, and fashionable person. The products we provide will make you feel sexy, confident, and as if you can handle anything life throws your way!

We are so excited to provide you with the best possible clothing and accessory choices. Each one of the items we feature on our website has been hand selected and approved by the fashion experts at KT International. The items we have in our inventory are items that we either have in our own closets or are dying to wear! We are so happy that we are able to provide you with items that we love and that we know you will love as well.

KT International strives to create an experience that you will find enjoyable, helpful, and incredibly satisfactory. Thanks so much again for visiting our website! We can’t wait to help you find pieces that will make you feel more attractive, colorful, and fashionable.